April Showers and To-Do Lists for Rainy Days


April 2016

As I flicked through my work diary looking for something to write about, April appeared empty. Well, that’s not strictly true. Each page I turned in my work diary (more about this item of beauty later), featured a ‘to-do list’, copied verbatim from the week prior. So April was obviously the month for procrastination and re-writing to-do lists seems to have been the tactic of choice. Don’t get me wrong, some items were crossed off (and I’m the first to admit to adding tasks already completed just for that wave of satisfaction you get from putting a line through it!) but others remained untouched and ignored. It’s amazing how many days ad-hoc activity hijacks, the small pieces of work that come in unexpectedly and steer you away from the plan. So April looked empty but was actually frantically busy, too busy for my to-do list obviously.

Back to my diary. The Moleskin. It is a diary of beauty. I treat myself every year to the ‘Weekly Notebook’; the one that lists the calendar dates on the left and has a page for notes on the right. Long gone are the piles of post-its I usually carry around (and more often than not lose) and thankfully gone are the reminders hastily written on the back of my hand. I am in love with my Moleskin. It comes with a set of fancy stickers that look amazing but I never use. They remain housed in the back pocket of the diary just incase I should have the time or occasion to use them. Also at the back, another to-do list. My ‘list of future paper titles’, comprising of one-line headings that one day might be written up into a paper, maybe. Only a growing assemblage of book ideas matches my extensive collection of paper titles. Not book chapters, I never get that far, but initial paragraphs of fiction. I love writing, almost as much as I love reading but finding the time for an activity that is not work nor parenting is a challenge.

Writing simply gets added to my ‘things to do on a rainy day and more importantly when I have time list’, alongside sorting out the bags of baby clothes in the loft (on the list for 7 years); making curtains for the girls wee playhouse (listed for 4 years); building a pizza oven in my garden (listed for 2 years) and changing the blown light bulb in the kitchen (listed 6 months and counting).   Believe me, there are many, many more items on this list that need to be addressed before writing. Just a second, I’ll get straight back to that list once I’ve written down this new paper title….


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