Contribution to Knowledge v. Contribution to Mankind

embossedkidsContribution to knowledge versus contribution to mankind.  Are they the same, well certainly my kids aren’t going to be over-awed by my thesis.  In fact my research has become each of my children’s arch-nemesis incarnate.  

There are the tears when I say I’m off to university (I really want to encourage them to further their studies, not to view uni as the baddie of the story).

Then there is mother’s guilt.  That of not being there for assemblies, for not being a helper on the school trip, for forgetting library books and come as you please days.  Yep, been there done all that.

There is having to manage the children, the childcare arrangements, the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning (although to be honest most of this is self-imposed, me trying to live up to my false image of the perfect mother and the husband does do his share).

But do you know what.  My kids are happy because they have a happy mum.  Albeit sometimes stressed, snappy and snowed under, but the strongest message I can send to my kids is to believe in yourself, believe that you can succeed, and do what it is you want to do.

And breathe, because the world will not end if you forget about the packed lunch or you have to cancel another supervisor visit meeting.  You can always try harder tomorrow.


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