A healthy start to the day (aka…..I found the NutriBullet at the back of the cupboard)

About six months ago I invested in a fancy, all singing, all dancing Nutribullet.  Yes, I was sucked in to the world of tv advertising and succumbed.  And I emphasise the ‘invested’, it wasn’t cheap.  But for £100 I got the promise of an easy and healthy way to overhaul our family lifestyles.  As I waited on delivery, I had visions of throwing in a multitude of vegetables, all  artfully disguised as a fruit smoothie coveted by my children.  And wow, were we excited when it arrived (no joke!).

The special fruit and veg shop was an experience in itself…swiss chard anyone?  Spinach?  Chia Seeds?  All alien ingredients to our standard family menu I’m afraid (and slightly embarressed to say).  But this was the new me, the new us and in no time at all the kitchen units resembled a factory line as I had the fruit and veg chopped up, bagged into smoothie sized portions and frozen ready for an easy throw into the bullet each morning.  And we tried a few recipes that night.  And the response?  Too watery (ok, lets skip the almond milk)  Too thick (ok, ok, so it takes a while to manage the consistency) but the nail on the coffin was ‘yuk, I’m never having that again.  Pass the coco-pops’.

And so, regretfully, the bullet was destined to join the rice cooker (wedding present, used once in 10 years) at the back of the cupboard.  Those freezer bags filled with fruit and veg lay discarded, wallowing amongst the chicken nuggets and ice cream.

Cue a week of feeling unwell and a seriously dodgy tummy, I couldn’t face anything much to eat and so reached for the bullet.  The nutribullet at least.  This morning, I delved into the freezer and surfaced smoothie mix number 1.  Today’s mixture of spinach, pineapple, banana and strawberry with a helping of chia seeds was a treat to myself, recovery day one.  And surprise surprise, I had to share.  The wee taste I gave the kids went down a treat and they loved it.

Nutribullet now has pride of place on the kitchen worktop….this week at least.IMG_5947 IMG_5952 IMG_5953


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