PhD Peer Bonding & Poster Presentation


This week I met up with the other PhD students working on the DIA project. Having spent the last few weeks with my head in the books churning out the research proposal, the task in prep for the meet up was to produce a poster to present. Google ‘PhD poster’ and you will be met with pages and pages of example posters, some good….some not so good, the majority filled with statistics, graphs and most very, very text heavy. I couldn’t easily find any examples of first year PhD posters, presumably because there aren’t any results to present at this stage. Rather than presenting findings at the meet-up, we were to present our research proposals. So armed with the advice of my supervisor ‘the difference is, yours will be designed’ and in response to an urge to do something practice based and creative after a few weeks of heavy academia, I decided to attempt my first (ever) papercut. In A0. Four days before deadline.

A few swear words, scalpel sliced fingers and many, many hours later, the poster was finished. And I was proud. What better way to present practice-based research than with practice itself. The papercut survived the 3 hour train journey to Dundee and was well received.

All our presentations went well, it was great to hear what everyone else is studying and also to have a vent to others in the same boat! There is no better incentive to get you focused on your own research than a bit of PhD peer bonding…….although we should definately try the white water rafting next time!


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