The Research Proposal

Words to avoid

So….having known this was coming since October, I finally got down to writing the formal research proposal and last week submitted all 5000 words towards my PG Cert Research Methods (and the formal PhD registration process).  I always have worked best as a pressure-writer, but a PhD is NOT a good place to leave writing till the last minute and I promise (!) to work really hard to avoid this.   So before deadline, and after much reading, debating, (attempted) synthesis and more reading, I final have a complete research proposal.  I submitted to my supervisors to comment and then had an opportunity to re-work based on their suggestions.  And it wasn’t as scary a process as I had anticipated.  As soon as you write something down, there is a commitment, something concrete, a starting point from which to develop and move on.  And this was so true for my research proposal.  Even as I re-read the text, I was already refining the idea in my head, choosing alternative methods, looking for better ways of analysing and finding new areas to explore.  So this weeks piece of advice is: write something down.  Anything.  Once you’ve written it down, you will feel  feel a sense of accompishment and a bit of incentive to keep working… theory at least!

And in my other life, I’ve been teaching the kids not to use my pet-hate words in their written work: “get, got, nice, things, stuff”  c/o Ms Wardhaugh, P7.  They’ll thank me for it one day!


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